Caradon Regatta

Saturday, 11 June, 2016

A day that turned from being dark and rainy into a stunning heat filled day… hot in performance and in temperature! :-)

Clevedon had an array of crews attend this regatta with 11 crews taking to the water and racing against the familiar pilot gig clubs.

Ladies A started the day off, racing in heat one and placing 9th out of 15. A tough race considering the competition were the top clubs who placed high in the Isles of Scilly World Championships. The ladies B also faced this situation racing in heat tne but none the less put on a great performance also finishing in 9th position.

Mens A did exceptionally well racing around the kite shaped course and coming in in 5th! The under 16 followed this good placing showing other crews what they’re made of and finishing 6th. The 6th race of the day was Mens B who raced in heat 2 and came in 5th. Ladies C raced next, finishing in 9th. There seems to be a pattern here with all the ladies crews finishing 9 and men finishing 5th! Towards the afternoon it was time for Mens C to race who crossed the finish line in 12th.

The under 14’s set of the Clevedon screams by once again making the club proud and completing the course in 2nd place!! Great row guys! The ladies and mens vets held strong and raced well, will the women coming in 7th and the men coming in 10th, following an eventful race with some clashing of oars, grrr! :-)

And last but not least, the race before beer time- the mixed took to the water, racing long and hard and finishing the day off in 9th place.

Another great day, embracing our team spirit and showing our presence. Many more to come… watch this space