Paignton Wonder

Monday, 11 July, 2016

A later start this week for Paignton’s regatta gave the rowers some time to fuel up on bacon butties and listen to the music that was playing over the tannoys. Not to mention the chance of exploring the high street which was an experience for sure.

Upon the boats being carried ‘literally’ down the beach to the water’s edge, the first row for Clevedon was ladies B. They rowed hard against the unforgiving conditions the sea threw at them and finished seventh out of eleven.

Next to complete the course for Clevedon were the juniors. Need I say more...the crew that impresses every time held their successful streak, with them coming in in second!

As the day went on the wind picked up and it was unsure how many more races would be able to take place. Fortunately mens A and ladies A got a row in before the C races got called off as well as the mixed.

The men finished in 8th place and ladies A held a good battle in their race, finishing up in the quarter with the top crews in fourth out of ten.

The relaxed feel of the day and the time between rows gave Clevedon a chance to socialise in football and Frisbee and even dig out a sand boat, which some of you may have already seen. It was a fun day and even though some rows were cancelled it felt like the day was eventful and joyful. Hopefully next week the sun will come out for us! :-)